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Basically teaching myself 2 chapters of Math in 3 hours before I go get tested on them. That’s what I get for skipping classes!

I just feel so exhausted by school. It has no meaning for me. After this semester, I’m leaving community college and pursuing a higher education that’s run by none other than MYSELF. I will take the initiative to expand as a person intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

I do not need an educational institution’s pre-prescribed path to “success” to determine my worth. A degree has no value for me, and says nothing about my infinite SPIRIT or my character. I will earn my success through EXPERIENCE and open minded living. The going might get tough sometimes, but that’s what I want. The challenge.

I’m on the path of SELF-DIRECTED learning, and a self-directed life.

No matter what credentials, certificates, or degrees our system has made us strive for, my expansion is inevitable. Our expansion is inevitable.

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